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About NLP

NLP is short for Neuro-Linguistic Programming, a cognitively-based discipline that helps you integrate how you think, what you believe and how you communicate in order to reach your potential. It is based on a few simple precepts:

  • You have all the resources you need to succeed and achieve your goals.
  • Everyone is doing the best that they can with the resources that they have available.
  • We are in charge of our minds and therefore our results.
  • When you change your perceptions, you change your results.
  • The meaning of the communication is the response you get.
  • There is no failure, only feedback.
 As a certified NLP practioner, I know how to listen and respond to you in order to help you achieve the outcome that works the best for you. 

How can NLP help me? 

With its positive focus on accessing your inner resources and defining your options, NLP can provide a key to taking that next step. It can help you find your voice, build confidence, assert yourself and improve the overall quality of your life. Best of all, it can give you tools that you can put into practice immediately. With NLP, you'll learn how to:

  • Access your strengths and inner resources.
  • Identify personal and professional goals and create action plans.
  • Develop skills for improving your relationships.
  • Overcome performance anxiety about interviews, auditions and presentations.
  • Learn new ways to cope with stress and anxiety.
  • Manage conflict, especially with difficult people.
  • Improve communication, negotiation and listening skills.
  • Change self-defeating patterns and develop effective new ones.
  • Build your self-esteem and boost self-confidence.

What is NLP like?

NLP is an issue-focused, solution-oriented process. Together we'll identify an issue, map out specific steps, and set realistic and achievable goals. Key to the process is breaking down any goal into beginning, middle and successful completion. In the process of defining and working on your goals, you'll learn how to access resources, define your options and set boundaries, skills that you can take with you into your next project, job or relationship.

What is the time frame of NLP?

Depending on your specific needs, NLP can be short-term for a specific project or goal, or longer-term to deal with more difficult patterns or your desire for more personal development. Either way, it is most common to schedule regular sessions (usually weekly).

Who can benefit from NLP?

Anyone who wants to be more mindful and effective can benefit from NLP. I enjoy working with: .
  • Creative professionals, e.g., filmmakers, actors, musicians, producers, etc., who want to build sustainable careers and complete projects successfully.
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs, who want to grow their businesses and need help with presentations and team development.
  • Job seekers who want to identify careers that best fit with their passions and skill set, who also want to perform consistently well on interviews.
  • Individuals in relationships who want improve their communication with partners and address conflicts effectively.
  • Single individuals who want to gain confidence and clarity about what they are seeking from a relationsihp and how to find the right mate.
If you are stepping into a new chapter of your life, NLP can help you avoid falling back into old behaviors and patterns. Instead, you'll begin to move forward into fuller, more satisfying work and relationships. I invite you to take the next step.
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